Communications & Media

The mission of the Men’s Ministry of Cornerstone is to help men grow spiritually by modeling Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives – home, job, community, and in the church. Our Ministry offers opportunities for fellowship, Bible study, and personal growth to disciple and equip the men of Cornerstone regardless of age or status.  Mentoring, teaching and service are central to our ministry. At Cornerstone, we strive to foster lasting spiritual relationships with God and one another, so that we can honor God, His Word and our family. 

Online is the online home of Cornerstone Baptist Church. We are committed to spreading the word of Jesus Christ through the information super highway. Our goal is to “Share Jesus Now”, and to promote Cornerstone Baptist Church and its’ wonderful spiritual edifice. In addition to keeping the Internet world abreast of our activities. the Cornerstone website is also an invitation for all to come visit our church. 

Social Media

The Social Media team is responsible for making sure all the events at the church are broadcast to members, friends and everyone across the web.  This includes Facebook (, Twitter (@cbc_brooklyn), and YouTube (

Media Production & Distribution

Our media production team captures quality recordings of Cornerstone worship services and other important church events.  Our team records worship services in DVD & CD format. Team members pay close attention to every detail and strive for excellence.